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Predictive alerts

Fatigue is a major cause for accidents in various industries, such as airline, transportation, oil & gas, mining, construction, and manufacturing, causing hundreds of thousands of accidents and fatalities per year.

Tristar is focused on solutions for accident prevention through fatigue and sleep deprivation detection, using non-invasive cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence technology. Tristar’s technology can not only assess physical fatigue, but also mental state and stress.

Industry Solutions

Our technology reduces risks and increases performance in the trucking and other ground cargo/passenger transport industries. We also deploy solutions for commercial airlines, construction, and several other industries. Integrate our diagnostics easily with your existing cameras, phones, and laptops to embed our fatigue and stress detectors within your existing workflows. 

Heavy industry and Manufacturing



Heavy Industries and Manufacturing

In the US, there are 12.5 million shift workers. A thorough survey identified that 38% of workers reported being sleep deprived. Risk of accidents in night shift workers is 30% higher than day shift. With Tristar, fatigue can be tracked and monitored, and workers can be forced to take a rest and prevent accidents.

Ground Transport and Trucking

Fatigue is one of the main causes of accidents in the cargo/passenger transportation industries. In the trucking industry fatigue is the cause of 40% of all accidents. Tristar can help detect cognitive fatigue and alert the driver and supervisor when he/she is falling asleep and activate different alert mechanisms.

Commercial Airline

As of today, analyzing and tracking pilot fatigue has been a big hurdle for airlines, having to schedule their flights with predictive fatigue technologies. Currently in the pilot phase, Tristar is developing non-invasive solutions, outside of the pilot cabin, to track pilot fatigue and help airlines take care of their most valuable assets and comply with FAA’s norms.

How the system works

Through visible light and infrared cameras we can track a user’s fatigue with 80% accuracy. If a dangerous threshold of fatigue is predicted to occur, the system then responds and alerts both the user and supervisor to act accordingly and avoid further risks.

Our system also helps avoid accidents by immediately detecting in real-time when an employee is entering a state of risk, and advising the supervisor and activating alarms, making employees aware that the company is on top of the fatigue situation and cares about them, promoting a good sleep culture.

Let AI do the job

Start using containerized, easy-to-use AI software in your workflow. Analyze fatigue/sleep deprivation patterns over time, detect risk situations on the spot, and increase your employees' wellness and your oganization's operations using our cloud solutions. 

Clinically validated tech

Tristar's technology is based on cutting-edge clinically validated techniques as well as the state-of-the-art computer vision and machine learning techniques, researched right here in Boston at MIT and Harvard. Our models predict and detect fatigue and dangerous mental states in real-time through AI, computer vision, and biophysiological signal analysis. Join us at the forefront of tech and medicine.


Our team is composed of Harvard Medical School and MIT graduate students, focused on mental and physical wellness, with experience in the Investment Banking, Oil and Gas, and the Healthcare Biotech industries.

Salem Karani

Harvard Biomedical Informatics, MIT EECS, medical software, oil and gas, industrial manufacturing

Eduardo Moore

MIT Sloan MBA, investment banking, consulting, biotech

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