AI Employee Supervision and Analytics

Tristar's solutions provide actionable data and alerts for operations through intelligent cameras. Our solutions help you improve execution, lower operational costs, and increase profits.

Monitor and Optimize Your Team

The LUM supervisor device runs 24/7 to monitor worker actions and movement
looking for errors, missed tasks, strengths, and weaknesses

Edge Compute Monitor

On-site edge compute devices with intelligent cameras continuously monitor each factory department


View alerts and add actions to detect e.g. cell phone use. Define areas to monitor, such as a QA station once every hour. Review weekly optimization reports


Instant alerts are sent to managers, supervisors, and operators notifying them of process errors and overlooked tasks

Meet the Supervisor that never sleeps

The LUM Supervisor is here to help monitor staff and free up management's time. Supervisors and plant managers patrol areas and check in on employees' tasks and performance, but they can't be everywhere at all times. We can.

Addressing Challenges in Manufacturing

Training employees and refining their ability to perform is difficult for any industry, but there are particularly high stakes in manufacturing. Downtime, production delays, machinery repair, and returned orders are all costly. Not addressing these challenges is costing the industry billions in lost revenue every year.

Prevent errors and improve performance

Our system monitors employees for you on specific tasks and looks for errors and weaknesses. Now supervisors can train and improve staff in areas that they are underperforming in. Define actions and sequences with our advanced kinematics engine.

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Monitor worker location and enforce workflows

Set areas on the plant floor for the LUM device to watch, or draw a bounding box around a station that needs monitoring by frequency. Receive text and email alerts when something comes up and access live footage.

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Optimize processes and best allocate staff

Our backend collects data on employee strengths and weaknesses for each task, what tasks an employee spends their time doing and where on the factory floor, and creates reports with feedback right in your dashboard. Learn how to streamline processes and where to allocate each worker.

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Predictive Models

Access forecasting models that predict future losses and possible sources of error. Receive suggestions to get on the right trajectory and decrease errors, cost, and downtime

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